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    Its Just Not Okay


    Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse by Carissa Poole

    The aim of this book is to safeguard children about the dangers of people in their life or the lives of their friends, who may want to hurt or cause them harm. It would indeed be a great world if we didn’t have to do this, unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury in the 21st Century.

    By raising awareness with children, we arm them safely, with their own internal warning system that will tell them when they feel that something is not right.

    This publication assists children, together with a parent, legal guardian or teacher to look out for any potentially harmful behaviour and make it easy to talk about. The more awareness that can be raised safely, around this subject at an early age, can only educate children in order to keep them safe and aware throughout their childhood, teenage years and into adulthood.

    Never before has there been such disclosure on such an enormous scale, about the harmful and destructive actions bestowed upon children by older children or adults. Never before has there been such empathy and support for those affected. We cannot stop paedophiles and/or sex offenders, in whatever disguise they work under in order to target children. By being prepared and aware, we can at least empower them to have the courage to speak up when they feel threatened or in danger.

    Having the knowledge, power and courage to protect oneself against creepy crawlies puts the predator in jeopardy. It is and always has been the silence and secretive behaviours that create the abusive environment. If we teach children to speak up and tell someone, we wipe out and bring in to the open, any secrets. If nothing else this is a start, this is progress.

  • Sale! Sleepy Sixteen

    Sleepy Sixteen


    This beautifully illustrated book is written specifically for children between the ages of six to eight years of age. It is bursting with guided visualisation and imagery to assist children to find a place of calmness and safety. This allows them to gently dose off while listening to a parent or guardian reading to them.

    Reading to a child assists with language improvement and creates a special time to develop a loving bond, of full focus and attention. A thread of goodness runs throughout each story, encouraging a positive attitude and a strong mental health ethic, which is gently embedded as the child drifts off into a natural sleep pattern.

    Meet Davina as she swims and swims until she wears herself out with the set of dreamy dolphins who visit her in at bath time. Gracie spends her days at school and when she is allowed, she runs off out into the park with her friends, sometimes the stars she is so obsessed with, tickle her and just looking at them, always makes her sleepy. The Ratfink Cowboys spend their evenings in little Oliver’s room, teaching him the laws of being a cowboy, eating lots of beans and the consequences of such! It’s all good fun in the Sleepy Sixteen Storybook.

    Reading encourages a lengthier attention span which is crucial for concentration in children, as they move forward to different styles and levels of learning. Children can often find it easy to visualise, places, colours and so much more. Because there is no screen they are more adaptable and able to use thinking skills, consequences, logic and of course, cause of and effect for the actions of the characters in the story.

    an age where a multitude of devices and internet provision are available both at home and at school, having stories read out loud in childhood promotes a keen interest in reading as an adult.

    Encouraging children to read, be read to and to fully encompass books, libraries and the world of literature is a beautiful gift to give your children.