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  • Sale! Deeper Down – Guided Visualisation for Everyday Therapy

    Deeper Down – Guided Visualisation for Everyday Therapy


    Deeper Down – This book of everyday scripts for guided visualisation; has been collated from over two decades of working with some of life’s difficulties. Often, clients attending for general counselling just need a way to feel calm and grounded. Being able to guide clients through a journey to a place of safety, when all they feel around them is danger, can really make a difference to their day to day functioning.

    The ability to be able to visualise a time or position whereby we can change the way things turned out, or to be able to view a situation from a different perspective, can be life changing for many. At the very least, it can defuse a heightened sense of alert (hypervigilance) and teach new and helpful tools. Lessening the increased state of anxiety, which is the cause of excessive exhaustion and panic.

    I have spoken with many therapists over the years who state that they don’t feel skilled or capable with using such an effective tool with their clients. This is just not the reality. A client who has become used to and has built up trust with a therapist’s voice, in whatever capacity that may be. For anyone who works closely and regularly with clients, they can become a voice of safety and reassurance. Who better to read a safe and restorative guided visualisation, to those in need of such solace?

  • Sale! Working with the Aftershock of Domestic Violence

    Working with the Aftershock of Domestic Violence


    As we learn new and effective physiological treatments for those who have been targeted by violent individuals with relationships, outcomes are becoming far more suited to the posttraumatic growth of those affected as a whole. An understanding into the basic functioning of the adrenal glands, the psoas muscle group and vast hormonal changes in the fight or flight systems are crucial when working with victims of domestic violence. This information gives useful insight into how the body can quickly become overloaded with stress and how the response can manifest in to a myriad of illness even years after the trauma. Adrenal fatigue is just one of the severe and enduring physical aftershocks of the violence element in domestic abuse. For many years those who have been affected by domestic abuse and violence have been offered basic counselling or similar talking therapies. Treatments have moved on a long way from this such as working with the Poly Vagel Theory and acknowledging the role of the Psoas muscle. It is now more than ever, evident that those affected, suffer physiologically for many years after and that they need a network of support around them to assist with their recovery.