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  • Sale! Bite Size Book of Bullying

    Bite Size Book of Bullying


    The Bite Size Book of Bullying is for adults affected by the bullying and intimidating behaviours of others, it is designed to a specific size for wallet, purse or pockets, handy for a quick dip in and dip out when a short burst of encouragement and empowerment is needed.

  • Sale! Deeper Down – Guided Visualisation for Everyday Therapy

    Deeper Down – Guided Visualisation for Everyday Therapy


    Deeper Down – This book of everyday scripts for guided visualisation; has been collated from over two decades of working with some of life’s difficulties. Often, clients attending for general counselling just need a way to feel calm and grounded. Being able to guide clients through a journey to a place of safety, when all they feel around them is danger, can really make a difference to their day to day functioning.

    The ability to be able to visualise a time or position whereby we can change the way things turned out, or to be able to view a situation from a different perspective, can be life changing for many. At the very least, it can defuse a heightened sense of alert (hypervigilance) and teach new and helpful tools. Lessening the increased state of anxiety, which is the cause of excessive exhaustion and panic.

    I have spoken with many therapists over the years who state that they don’t feel skilled or capable with using such an effective tool with their clients. This is just not the reality. A client who has become used to and has built up trust with a therapist’s voice, in whatever capacity that may be. For anyone who works closely and regularly with clients, they can become a voice of safety and reassurance. Who better to read a safe and restorative guided visualisation, to those in need of such solace?

  • Sale! The Blanket

    The Blanket


    “We all have times in our life when sleep evades us, and it can take time for our natural sleep pattern to return. Guided, relaxed, visualisation is just one way of helping to restore safe, deep and restorative slumber. Just let the words by Sue and the beautiful soft voice of Louise, take you to a place of safety, peace and pure loveliness.”

  • Sale! Trauma Client Handbook - Sue J. Daniels

    Trauma Client Handbook


    Ten Top Tips for Trauma Recovery

    Designed in a handy size at 148mm x 105mm, this Client Trauma Handbook is a unique resource designed and written from over a decade of working with traumatised individuals and researching client basic needs at their time of crisis. It is specifically written to address and assist those who have suffered any kind of traumatic experience whether personally or vicariously. 10 Top Tips’ sets out to give useful and simple ways to work with the brain fog a traumatised individual may be experiencing without using technical jargon. Tried and tested, a useful resource for both individuals and an excellent tool for organisations who’s employees face a high level of traumatic situations on a daily basis.

  • Sale! Trauma Therapeutic Workbook

    Trauma Therapeutic Workbook


    Trauma Therapeutic Workbook is an empathic, non-gender specific, therapeutic workbook. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and associated symptoms, are becoming more and more talked about and experienced by so many.It is full of safe and gentle exercises to take one’s time, it provides many reflective personal journal note pages for readers to write down their feelings, to ponder over, past present and future. It allows for making one’s own journal notes along the way to move forward. This means that the workbook can be used within any therapeutic setting, whether with a professional or on one’s own. Journaling is well known for allowing the safe release of emotional pain, expression and writing down thoughts and feelings.This therapeutic workbook, at over one hundred pages, is sufficient without overwhelming the reader with unnecessary jargon or psychobabble. It is a first step, an encouraging and empowering platform, enabling those affected, the time, solitude, space and choice of whether or not to find the courage to seek further therapeutic assistance. Restoring and calming from the inside out. It includes self-help printable paper exercises, information about why we react in certain ways, evidenced based treatments as well as beautiful unique adult colouring pages, combined with powerful vibrant illustrations throughout.